Legal Ease

LegalEas is a comprehensive law firm mobile app designed to streamline the legal process for clients.

Legal dashboard tracks cases, lets you upload documents, and connect with your advocate. Manage your case by filing requests, paying dues, or changing your advocate.

The app offers a wealth of legal knowledge through a dedicated section for articles and resources, organized by categories for easy navigation.

The app features an integrated messaging system for effective communication between clients, advocates, and other users, including call capabilities for enhanced interaction.

It has an AI-powered chatbot, called "Lexi," which assists users in understanding legal concepts. Users can leverage voice input, upload images, and receive summarized responses accompanied by relevant article recommendations from the app's Database.

The app also features a notifications section to keep users informed about important updates.

The personalized profile area allows for managing account settings, changing username, password and enabling two-factor authentication.

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